Sunkissed Strands: Achieve Natural-Looking Highlights for a Summer Glow

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As a seasoned hair salon owner, I've seen countless summer trends come and go. Yet, the desire for that perfect sun-kissed glow in one's tresses never seems to fade. Achieving those natural-looking highlights can be a game-changer for your summer look. Let's dive into how to get those radiant, beachy highlights that scream summer fun.

Understand Your Base Color

Every hair color has its unique shade and undertones. It's essential to recognize your base color to select the right highlights. For brunettes, golden or caramel highlights can mimic the sun's natural effect, while blondes might opt for lighter platinum or champagne shades.

Opt for Balayage

Balayage, a French term meaning 'to sweep', is a highlighting technique where the colorist paints the dye onto the hair freehand. This method ensures a more natural gradient, making your highlights look as if they've been naturally lightened by the sun.

Maintain with Purple Shampoo

To keep those highlights looking fresh and to avoid any brassiness, invest in a good purple shampoo. This product helps neutralize yellow tones, ensuring your highlights stay cool and vibrant.

Depth and Dimension

Avoid uniform highlights. Instead, mix in some lowlights or deeper shades to give your hair depth and dimension. This strategy not only appears more natural but also adds volume and movement to your locks.

Less is More

Remember, the goal is to mimic the natural effects of the sun. The sun doesn't bleach every strand of your hair, so neither should you. Choose strategic places to highlight, like framing the face, to achieve that effortlessly sun-kissed look.

Protect Your Investment

Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the sun. UV rays can fade and change the color of your highlights. Invest in hair products with UV protection to ensure longevity and vibrancy of your highlights.

Consult a Professional

While DIY kits are tempting, for the best results, always consult with a professional colorist. They'll be able to tailor the highlighting process to your specific hair type, color, and desired outcome.

In conclusion, achieving those dreamy, sun-kissed highlights isn't just about the color. It's about understanding your base, opting for techniques like balayage, and caring for your hair post-treatment. So, this summer, embrace the glow, and let your hair shine as bright as the sun!


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